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Police mistakenly identify three Pokémon Go players as drug dealers

The fervor around Pokémon Go is understandable. Ever since the game made its debut earlier this week, people have been out on the streets trying to find and catch Pokémon scattered around their neighborhoods, often leading to hilarious outcomes. However, things went awry for a 40-year-old user trying to hunt Pokémon at 3AM. From the
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You can chat with Zootopia police officer Judy Hopps on Facebook Messenger

More and more chatbots are popping up on messaging clients. The latest example is available on Facebook Messenger, where users can chat with police officer Judy Hopps from the recent Disney animated movie Zootopia. Chatting with “Officer Hopps” in Messenger will give users a chance to solve a number of mysteries, based on clues found
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