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Brains of Chinese children adopted as babies still respond to Chinese tones

Chinese babies adopted across international borders may not remember the language they heard in their first days, but the words leave a lasting mark on their brains, which respond to Chinese tones more than a decade later, scientists said. The study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Monday is the
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founder’s personal journey to Christianity

When I was twelve, I joined the infamous Red Guard. At the age of fourteen I was accepted into the Communist Youth League. I was a die-hard believer and supporter of Communist ideology.In 1978, when the reformist Deng Xiaoping came into power and declared the end of the decade-long human suffering brought on by Mao
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Adopted from China, raised in the USA: images of Chinese children and their new American families

Gabi plays guitar at her bedroom in Virginia. In 2001, Marty and Sissy adopted her from Xinjiang Urumuqi City welfare house. The couple have also adopted other four children from South Korea and Russia including a pair of twins. She loves singing, jogging and going into nature. Gabi works in the only Chinese restaurant in
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Children keen to hand tour in Southeast Asia, Europe and the preference for social

British children SuperAwesome word advertising platform for Southeast Asia, Europe and America children use mobile phones to conduct a survey. According to the survey of children in Southeast Asian countries (6-14 years old) on board the mobile devices can use the mobile phone frequencies higher than children of European and American countries. They prefer the
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The two children’s hand travel company fined $ 360,000: invasion of privacy

Recently, FTC announced two travel companies hand out $ 360,000 in civil damages ticket, because the two companies allows advertisers to collect personal information from children in violation of data Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, referred to as COPPA. FTC move is quite remarkable, especially for mobile games developers alike, because this $ 360,000 in
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