Best Accessories for Nintendo Switch (so far)

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Your is going to come with everything you need to jump in and start playing, whether you’re connected to a television or playing mobile, but there’s a lot more to this console. There’s never really been a game console quite like this before, and with that in mind there are some available that you wouldn’t normally think of needing.

Here’s a list of the essentials, everything you’d need to really enjoy your Switch in every environment.

The Pro Controller

While Nintendo’s new Joy-Con setup looks like a lot of fun, when I’m at home on the couch looking to spend a Saturday in Breath of the Wild I’m going to reach for the Pro Controller.

Not only is the look and feel similar to what exists right now for the Wii U, but the Switch Pro Controller is going to offer a bigger battery and has an NFC receiver baked in for Amiibo support. It’s also ready for motion controls as well, so this controller will make a solid alternative when portable as well.

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Joy-Con Grip Kit

When they’re together, Nintendo’s new controllers look like a solid way to game. If you separate them so two people can play together, a single Joy-Con is just too small for me.

Nintendo’s Gip Kit adds a little more body to the individual Joy-Cons, and includes a slightly grippier thumb cap for the joystick. It’s only more thing to carry around, which isn’t ideal, but the end result will be a great deal more comfortable.

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The Folio Cover

Screen protectors add a glossy surface to the Switch display, which is not ideal for a portable gaming system. Keeping the display safe when this tablet is not in its dock should be handled the same way we handle any other tablet — with a good folio case.

BD&A offers a snap-on folio that covers the display when not in use, and gives the Switch a few more options when in its kickstand mode for portable gameplay. If you plan to travel a lot with your Switch, this is the perfect accessory for keeping it safe.

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The Travel Case

If your Switch is travelling with you on extended journeys, you may want a full travel case so you can stick it inside a larger bag.

The official Nintendo-made case lets you store a Switch with a Joy-Con, and offers a 3DS-style elastic holster that stores up to 14 game cards. It also comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth, which probably has the Switch logo on it somewhere.

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Game Card Case

If you plan to buy a lot of the Switch Game Cards, you can either keep the games stored in their not-quite pocketable cases, or you can look into a Game Card Case that lets you keep your whole library in one compact place.

HORI makes a slim Game Card Case that holds 24 games, which should take you a little while to fill up. It even has space for memory cards, just in case you need to swap.

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The Backpack

While it’s true Nintendo made the Switch to be portable, that doesn’t mean the whole rig is portable. If you want to bring the dock with you somewhere, packing everything is a little on the tedious side.

Nintendo’s official Switch backpack not only looks nice on the outside, the inside is filled with labelled pockets for an optimal Switch packing job. There’s even space for your Pro controller and full-sized headphones!

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Ethernet Adapter

Some of us don’t want Wifi getting in the way of our online gameplay, and while Switch doesn’t offer an Ethernet port in the tablet itself there’s a way to make sure you’re wired when connected to the dock.

This USB to Ethernet adapter will keep you off of those unstable wireless connections and ready to game on a good old LAN.

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