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What are the best for ?

It can be difficult to keep track of your children, and it can also be hard to gage when it’s appropriate to get them a cell phone or something a bit more mature in order to keep in contact with them.

are fantastic, life-saving tools that help keep track of your little ones, so you won’t have to worry about where they are. Just have them wear their GPS tracker like a watch, and the rest is up to your watchful eyes.

Here are a few great options to check out if you’re looking for the best GPS trackers for your !

KOREX Waterproof Babysitter Smart WatchTinitellGBD-GPS Tracker Kids SmartwatchLG GizmoPaldokiWatch

KOREX Waterproof Babysitter Smartwatch

KOREX Waterproof Babysitter Smartwatch

Waterproof, reliable, and programmed with real-time GPS tracking, the KOREX Waterproof Babysitter Smartwatch is cost-efficient tracker to consider if you’re looking for a wearable GPS device for your kids.

The KOREX comes with a plethora of features, including smooth two way talking, waterproof abilities, immediate SOS emergency alert, and a Smart Alarm for homework reminders, waking up in the morning, and so much more. The smartwatch even comes with an Electric Fence feature in which parents will be notified if their children leave a specifically indicated secure area.

By using two tracking methods – GPS+LBS – parents are able to get a more accurate reading on precisely where their child may be. Parents can even use a remote listening option to simply hear where their child is, to check up on them without being too intrusive, and see if they’re at risk.

The KOREX can be set up with up to 16 contacts, so your child will be able to get in touch with numerous people if something goes wrong, and if you’re worried about a stranger reaching out to your child via the watch, the KOREX can only dial and receive calls from numbers already programmed into the device.

The GPS tracker comes in two different colors: baby pink and powder blue, and will only work with a SIM card that supports 2G Gaud-band.

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Stylish looking with a simple, modern design, the Tinitell GPS tracker is an innovative new smartband that worked effortlessly with an app from your smartphone.

While the Tinitell is technically still up for preorder, the smartbands begin shipping on September 9th, making the wait not too terribly frustrating.

Tinitell isn’t only an interesting looking, modern device, it’s also an incredibly durable and resilient GPS tracker. Tinitell is designed to take some abuse, including splashing water and dirt (although the device itself isn’t 100% waterproof by any means).

With your smartphone, you can connect and monitor your children with a precise GPS tracker, and you can even call them using the Tinitell app. The smartband can have up to 12 contacts listed, so they never have to worry about being stranded without anyone to reach out to if they’re in trouble. To make a call, all they have to do is press the front of the band, say the name of the person they’d like to contact, and that’s it!

The Tinitell comes in four different, vibrant colors, including aqua, coral, charcoal, and indigo. You can use a Ting SIM card with your Tinitell for around $12 a month.

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GBD-GPS Tracker Kids Smartwatch

GBD-GPS Tracker Kids Smartwatch

With all-day tracking, 3-way positioning, and even an additional fitness tracker element, the GBD-GPS Tracker Kids Smartwatch aims to make monitoring your children as effortless (and as accurate!) as possible.

Using a micro SIM card, the GBD-GPS tracker is not only able to make 2-way calls, but also immediate SOS emergency calls if your child comes in contact with unexpected danger. While some GPS tracking devices use one or two ways of triangulating your child’s location, the GBD-GPS uses GPS, AGPS, and LBS positioning to paint a more accurate picture of where your child may be.

The GBD tracker allows parents to erect an Electric Fence, giving your child boundaries that will set off an alarm on your smartphone if crossed. If need be, parents can also call their child on their smartwatch for easy 2-way talking, and can even use the app to set remote alarms & reminders for their children.

The GBD-GPS comes in three neon colors, including blue, green, and bright pink, so there’s a color option to match your child’s personality!

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LG GizmoPal

 LG GizmoPal

Reliable, well-priced, and easy to setup and use, the LG GizmoPal for Verizon is a popular GPS tracker for kids that won’t break the bank.

The LG GizmoPal is a simple GPS tracker that works in tandem with your smartphone and uses a voice clock that calls out the time rather than have it displayed on a watch-face. The device communicates through beeps & sounds and doesn’t have a screen, meaning it’s more of a simple accessory than a traditional watch.

Parents are able to call their children, set reminders, and monitor where their child is throughout the day using the GizmoPal’s compatible app. Parents are even able to set up their own Electric Fences which will set off an alarm if its boundaries are broken at any time.

The GizmoPal can only store up to four contacts, but the child can make a call with just the press of a button.

It comes in a powdered and royal blue design with a cartoon car and truck pattern all over the front of the GPS tracker or a hot and baby pink design with a star pattern.

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Though the dokiWatch is designed for children 6-12, its sleek and modern looking design, high-quality, reliability, and wide range of color options, make it a stylish (and incredibly practical) GPS tracker for people of all ages.

The dokiWatch claims that it’s the world’s most advanced 3G smartwatch for kids, and there’s a lot to support that statement. The dokiWatch combines precise GPS, GSM, and WiFi tracking technology with video call capabilities, voice calling, one-way text messages, fitness tracking, and so much more.

The smartwatch automatically uploads location data directly to your smartphone, meaning you’ll never have to guess where your child is. Video and voice calling is almost instantaneous, while parents can remotely schedule their child’s appointments and reminders from the dokiWatch’s compatible app.

With the dokiWatch, children can send out SOS alerts if they’re in immediate danger to their preset contacts, including their location and a recording of their surroundings. Parents can even enable Class Mode which will remove the distraction of the device while their child is in class by deactivating it at specific times.

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