What's new in the News app for iOS 10

The looks completely different in 10. It’s bolder, brighter, and better for you.

Apple made big changes to the interface of the in 10. It has a cleaner, brighter look with clearly defined sections and a better way to dig into the content you are most interested in.

Though the core of the News app is the same, there are some significant changes you’ll want to take advantage of to help you make the most out of your daily news digesting experience.

Meet the interface

The News app in iOS 10The News app in iOS 10

The biggest change to the News app is in the interface. It’s been completely redesigned from the ground-up. The date is bolder and your current location and weather have been added to the top of the screen. Headline fonts are bigger and sections like Top and Trending Stories are more clearly defined.

Instead of scrolling down an endless list of articles, content is divided into sections, showing about a half dozen or so top stories in that section. Images take on a bigger roll, stories are laid out with a more interesting visual aesthetic instead of the rigid grid of the previous version.

If you want to read more content in a specific section, you can tap an arrow on the right side to go to a new page. The new page includes such sub-sections as Today’s Best, or Latest News.

The rest of the interfaces is basically the same with just a few changes:

You can “Dislike” a story, which will affect what content is suggested to you in the future. You can sort favorites by Name, Recent, or Most Visited.Publication logos are more prominently displayed. You no longer have to read an article to share it. You can access the Share sheet next to the headline of a story on the front page.Articles automatically download to your device when you tap the Save icon.

How to get notifications in the News app

The News app in iOS 10The News app in iOS 10

Another big change with the News app comes in the form of notifications. With iOS 10, can get notifications of new Top Story posts from publications that you follow, like Bloomberg, CNN, and the Washington Post. You can also add a notification when Apple’s Editor’s Picks are published.

When you first open the News app after updating to iOS 10, you’ll be asked to pick which channels you’d like to receive notifications from.

If you want to add or remove channels, you can make changes to those notifications in the Favorites section by tapping the bell icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

Anything else you want to know about?

Are there any features in the News app in iOS 10 that you’d like to know more about? Put them in the comments and I’ll look into it for you.

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