How to get more candy and stardust in Pokemon Go

How do you get more Pokémon Go and so you can evolve and level up your pocket monsters faster? Here’s everything you need to know!

Once you get a taste for Pokémon Go, you’re going to want to start evolving and leveling your little pocket monsters as fast as possible. For that you need candies and . But how do you get candies and ? And how to do you get more candies and faster? Here are all your questions answered!

What are stardust and ?Can you buy stardust and ?How to get by catching PokémonHow to get by trading in PokémonHow to get by hatching eggsCheat sheet: Pokémon candyHow to get stardust by catching PokémonHow to get stardust by hatching eggsHow to get stardust by defending Pokémon GymsCheat sheet: Pokémon stardust

What are candy and stardust in Go and why do I want them?

Candy is what you use to evolve your Pokémon into their more powerful forms, as well as leveling them up so they’re as powerful in those forms as possible. Some Pokémon evolutions take as little as 12 candy, like Pidgey; others can take 50, 100, or even 400 (hi, Magikarp). Typically, the more candy you need, the more powerful the evolution. Each creature has their own specific type of Candy, which means you’ll need to collect that amount for that creature in order to evolve or power up.

When you’re just leveling up your Pokémon, you need Candy, but you also need Stardust: Unlike Candy, there’s a single universal type of Stardust; any bits you collect will be useable on all creatures. Typically, you only want to use stardust on Pokémon that have already been evolved all the way and are powerful. (In other words, don’t waste any stardust on a 10 CP Pidgey — or even 500 CP Evee. Save your stardust for a 1500+ SP Vaporeon or 1600+ Rapidash.) Many savvy trainers would recommend you don’t even think about using stardust until you reach level 25.

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I want more candy and stardust in Pokémon Go, can I just buy it?

Sadly, no. You can buy plenty of items that help you get Pokémon, including Lucky Eggs, Incense, Incubators, PokéBalls, and more, but you can’t buy candy or stardust outright. Instead, you have to earn it.

And before you ask — no, you can’t get candy or stardust from PokéStops or from leveling up your trainer, either. All the sadness.

Ugh. Okay. Fine! How do I get more candy in Pokemon Go? Catching?

That’s the primary way you get candy in Pokémon Go — catching Pokemon. Every time you catch a Pokémon, you get three (3) candies for that Pokémon’s type. So, for example, if you catch a Pidgey, you get three Pidgey candies. If you catch one of Pidget’s evolved forms, Pidgeotto or Pidgeot, you also get three Pidgey candies.

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Any other ways to get extra candy? Trading perhaps?

Yup! You can get candy by trading in Pokémon to the Professor. These are typically Pokémon you don’t want or need; for example, lower powered duplicates of Pokémon you already have. Every time you send a Pokémon back, you get one (1) candy of the appropriate type that you transferred. And yes, only one candy, and only for the type of Pokemon you traded in, regardless of evolutionary state or combat power or anything else — it doesn’t matter if it’s a 10 CP Pidgey or a 1324 CP Pidgeot. But choose wisely: When you give away a Pokémon to the Professor, you can never get it back!

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Is there any way to get a lot more candy? Do I need eggs to evolve?

Sure thing! Hatch eggs. Whenever you hatch an egg, you get a bunch of candy for the type of Pokémon you hatched. The amount varies, but it’s always more then you’ll get from catching and training. Unfortunately, hatching eggs takes a while, and you never know what kind of Pokémon — or how many kinds of candy — you’re going to get.

Instead, consider it a beautiful, beautiful bonus.

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So how many candies do I get again?

Here’s your cheat-sheet! Just remember, the type of candy you get is specific to the type of Pokémon you get!

Three candies: Catch a Pokémon.One candy: Trade in a Pokémon to the professor.Variable: Hatch a Pokémon egg.

How do I get more stardust? Let me guess, catching?

Clever trainer! The best way to get stardust is — surprise! — catching Pokémon! You get 100 stardust for every Pokémon you catch. Unlike candy, you can’t get stardust by trading in Pokémon to the the Professor. Sorry!

How else can I get stardust? Eggs again?

Hatching eggs again! The amount you get will vary depending on the distance you need to travel to hatch the egg — the least for 2 KM eggs, a middle amount for 5 KM eggs, and the most for 10 KM eggs. You get 2000 stardust for hatching a 10 KM egg, but keep in mind finding a 10 KM egg isn’t easy, and walking 10 KM isn’t particularly fast.

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What about Gyms? I can get stardust from defending Gyms, right?

Sure can! If you put your Pokémon on a Gym and defend it, you’ll get stardust as part of your defender bonus. You’ll get 500 stardust for every gym you’re defending. Of course, you have to successfully get a Pokémon into the gym first, and you won’t be able to use that Pokémon for anything else while it’s defending that gym.

Just make sure you claim your defender bonus by going to the Shop page and tapping on the Shield button in the upper right corner. Do it as soon as you get a Pokémon into a gym; you can get it again in 21 hours, and it multiplies depending on how many gyms you’re currently holding.

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Okay, hit me with the cheat sheet!

But of course!

100 stardust: Catch a Pokémon.500 stardust: Holding a Gym, once every 21 hours.Variable: Hatch a Pokémon egg.

Any questions?

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