Pokémon Go team leaders revealed, new pokémon and trading feature incoming!

At Comic-Con, CEO of Niantic John Hanke talked about the initial rollout of Pokémon Go and new features that will be making their debut in the coming years, including the addition of new pokémon and a trading feature that will allow players to trade pokémon. Niantic the team for Team Mystic, Team Valor, and Team Instinct, with Hanke saying that each leader will offer players advice.

Hanke revealed that new pokémon will be showing up in the game:

There are a certain set of pokémon in the game right now. There are some rare ones that haven’t showed up yet that will be showing up. And there are some other ones in the universe, it’s something we’re excited about continuing with in the coming years.

Without giving a specific timeline, Hanke said that the trading feature will make its way to the game eventually:

Trading is not in Pokémon GO today, but it’s something we’re working on bringing to the product. Don’t get too excited – we need to make sure we can keep the servers up first!

The executive also said that updates to training is at the top of the priority list, and talked about making PokéStops customizable:

That’s a pretty cool idea that you can acquire an object that changes the function of a PokéStop and gives it a new ability.

Excited about the upcoming features? Let us know what you’re looking forward to in the comments.

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