Razer will launch its own Pokémon Go chat app

, a company best known for its gaming-focused PC peripherals, will be getting into the Pokémon Go business with a new chat app. Known as RazerGo, the app will allow Pokémon Go players to chat with other players nearby.

Razer will launch its on Pokemon Go chat app

From The Verge:

Like Pokémon Go itself, RazerGo is location-aware — users can find and talk to other players within a radius of 3, 60, or 600 miles, although it’s probably going to be most useful at close range. Likewise, they’ll be able to either join public chat, talk only to members of the same team, or privately talk to each other. is also planning a feature that will let users drop “Beacons” to open a chat room that’s only available near them.

The app will be available for iOS, Android, and on the web, with the web component set to debut around 10 p.m. ET tonight, July 20. The mobile apps should follow soon, with Razer apparently hoping to around July 25.

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