Plex is now available in beta on Sonos

If you use both and , it’s time to rejoice! Both services now work together — at least in form — so you can start streaming your -managed audio collection over your wireless speaker setup right from the controller app.

Plex is now available in beta on Sonos

From Plex:

With our brand new Sonos service, you can now browse and play your entire Plex music collection on any Sonos device, right from the Sonos app. This means you’ll benefit from our awesome library and discovery features, and your personal music will look better than ever on Sonos.

If you’re a Plex user with a couple of Sonos speakers lying around, you’ll currently have to be enrolled in Sonos’ public to start streaming your Plex library through your setup. Luckily, Plex has provided detailed instructions on getting set up to test everything. Otherwise, once you’re enrolled, you should find Plex available in the Sonos Labs section of the app.

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