Best Evernote alternatives for iPhone

The Best: OneNote See on App Store


Microsoft’s note-taking app is the most versatile alternative to and it has great cross-platform compatibility with mobile and desktop devices. If you are already familiar with Microsoft’s other productivity apps, you’ll be right at home here.

Bottom-line: If you’re ready to say goodbye to , OneNote has the most feature compatibility.

In depth: Why OneNote is the best

Nothing can truly replace Evernote, but OneNote comes darn close.

With OneNote, you can capture images or add photos, import PDF files and other documents, make interactive checklists, and more. The in-app recorder lets you capture lectures or meetings. The web clipper extension lets you save your favorite articles from websites to read in the future.

OneNote is deft at organization. You can create a new notebook with individual notes saved in sections. You can copy notes, sections, and even entire notebooks. When you use Quick Notes, you can pin a note you use a lot (like the room number for your History class) so that it is always on top. Notes are synced in the cloud and accessible from OneDrive on any device. You can lock your notes with Touch ID or share them with others for collaborative projects. On Apple Watch, you can bring up recent notes and create new ones using Voice Dictation.

When you use the Share extensions in Safari on or iPad, you can save web pages as notes, complete with a link back to the original website. This is probably the most useful feature for a lot of Evernote deserters because web clipping is a hugely useful feature and most note apps just include a link instead of a full visual of the page.

Runner up: Google Keep See on App Store

Google KeepGoogle KeepGoogle Keep

Google Keep is a great note saver that is cross-platform compatible with mobile and desktop devices. You can use location and time-based reminders and interactive checklists. You can add photos, create audio notes, and more. You can even share notes with others to collaborate on projects.

Bottom-line: Google Keep lets you keep your notes handy and easy to find on any device.

Built-in: Apple Notes

Apple NotesApple NotesApple Notes

You have a handy note taking app right on your or iPad without having to download a new app or sign up for a new account or anything. You can even export all of your Evernote content to Apple Notes for an easier transition.

Bottom-line: Apple Notes is already on your iPhone and iPad. You just have to start using it!

No frills: Simplenote See on App Store


Simplenote does one thing – take notes. It works fast and easy. You can quickly create lots of notes with titles and tags (which are helpful for searching when your note collection gets too big). You can invite others to see and edit your notes, too. It doesn’t have a lot of features, but is great if you only need to take notes.

Bottom-line: If you only need to create quick notes that you can sort by tags and share with others, you won’t get lost with Simple Note.

Web-clipper: Pocket See on App Store


If the only reason you’ve been using Evernote is for the web clipper, you might want to give Pocket a try. It perfect for saving your favorite web articles for offline reading. It is compatible with a lot of third-party news readers like Flipboard and Feedly.

Bottom-line: If you only use Evernote for the web clipper, then Pocket is the only app you need.

Conclusion: OneNote will ease your Evernote woes

If you’ve decided to make the switch from Evernote, but like all of the bells and whistles, OneNote and its similarity in feature sets is definitely the best alternative.

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