Paper by FiftyThree gets a new look, full screen previews, and more

Popular drawing app has received an important update, one that introduces a new look on both iPhone and iPad, with a new sidebar that makes your journals and projects easier to find, along with a new built-in search feature. The app now also lets you easily access the Cut tool while using ’s Pencil stylus or the Apple Pencil.

Paper by FiftyThree gets a new look, full screen previews, and more

3.6 for iPhone and iPad features the following.

SIDEBAR AND SEARCH: We’ve redesigned our basic navigation structure to be more efficient and we’ve added search. Moving between your work is now more like a sprint than a marathon.

SCREEN PREVIEW: Swipe through your work screen. We’ve made the previews in Paper big and beautiful so you don’t have to enter edit mode to see the details.

INK ENHANCEMENTS : We heard your feedback and adjusted Paper’s inks for Apple Pencil. The previous ink pooling and transparency levels have been restored for the Write tool. The Draw tool’s pressure response has been improved at flat drawing angles.

QUICK FINGER CUT & PASTE: In what we’ve dubbed “scissor hands”, connecting Pencil by or Apple Pencil to Paper now gives you the option to automatically use the Cut tool when your finger touches the canvas. Your stylus can draw or write with the selected ink tool, and your finger can quickly cut and move pieces of your sketch. If you use Paper to take notes or arrange diagrams, you may find this particularly useful. To turn this feature on, go to Pencil Settings and select “Cut” from the list of options for your finger.

You’ll find Paper 3.6 on the App Store now.

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