Free App of the Week: Place your face inside goofy illustrations with Chomp

Chomp, a fun in which kids can paste their faces on fun , is this ’s of the on the App Store.

Geared towards children, Chomp is an interactive experience through which kids can insert themselves into fun (and often goofy) animated . There are a ton of hand-drawn animations to explore, each with its own accompanying music. On top of that, each session can be recorded in case something especially funny happens.

Here’s a rundown of everything you can expect from Chomp:

Hand drawn animations made with love and care. Over 50 hand-drawn scenes with countless funny animations. Fun for all ages. No language knowledge needed. The app is text-. No in-app purchases, invasive advertising, or data mining. Record play sessions with integrated video recording.

If you’re interested in giving Chomp a look, you can grab it for free at the App Store link below through April 7.

Free – Download Now

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