Feverprints is a ResearchKit-powered body temperature study

A team at Boston Children’s Hospital is using to gain a better understanding of body . The team’s research app, , asks participants to regularly measure their and answer questions about their health. You’ll need a thermometer to participate. If your thermometer connects to your iPhone, can pull its data straight into the app, if you wish.

These are the basics of the Feverprints :

You will be able to join the after signing the consent form. We will ask you to regularly measure your and answer questions about your health. If you own a thermometer that connects to your iPhone, we will automatically upload this information into the app. All of the information we collect is anonymous, meaning that we won’t record your name or other personal information.

You can grab the Feverprints study from the App Store now. You can also visit the Feverprints website for a comprehensive overview of the study.

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