You can now text to an AI bot with Skype on iPhone and iPad

As part of Microsoft’s Build 2016 developer conference, the company is updating its Skype messaging app for the and with a preview version of its support. The new feature will allow users to chat with an in via messaging.

These bots will in the future allow Skype users to do things like order pizza, book hotels and more. Microsoft says:

Skype Bots will come to life through messaging today, and in the future will be available for audio and video calling as well. Each will enhance your Skype experience in its own way, bringing a new dimension into your everyday Skype chats by helping turn your ideas and plans into actions.

Microsoft showed off a preview of how Skype bots will work in a video chat during the Build 2016 keynote. You can learn more about Microsoft’s plans for Skype bots at Windows Central.

Free for – Download now

Free for – Download now

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