Shazam for iPhone and iPad gets tighter with Apple Music in latest update

The app for and has been updated with added integration with Apple Music. With the update, Apple Music subscribers on iOS 9.3 will be able to add tracks they’ve identified in directly to Apple Music playlists, listen to full songs without leaving and more.

The new version of Apple Music is here – and it makes for an even better Shazam experience! Once you’ve upgraded to iOS 9.3, connect to Apple Music in Shazam settings and you’ll be able to:

Add any Shazam track to any of your Apple Music playlists. Find all your Shazams conveniently saved to a ‘My Shazam Tracks’ playlist in Apple Music. Listen to any song in FULL, without leaving Shazam!

integration with Apple Music should come as a welcome improvement for many, cutting down on the number of steps required to start pumping any new jams you find. If you’d like to check out everything that’s new in the version of Shazam, be sure to grab the update at the App Store link below.

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