Scanner Pro adds text recognition, distortion correction, and more

, one of our favorite document scanning apps for iPhone, has hit version 7.0, adding several new features. These include OCR, or optical character recognition, which allows to recognize text in a picture. The app can now also correct distortions, such as those found when making a scan of a book or magazine.

Here’s what you can expect from Pro 7.0:

Text Recognition (OCR): You asked, so we did it. Convert any scan into a text that can be selected and copied. Scanner Pro supports 12 languages recognition: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Swedish and Norwegian. Correction: Scan open books, magazines or any other paper documents and get -free images. Workflows: Send an email with a defined recipient, upload to Dropbox and save document to the required folder. Using workflows, you can perform all these actions in just one tap. Improved Color Processing: We enhanced the quality of color processing so documents with original pictures, color stamps and signatures look even better. Much easier to use: We refined major screens to make Scanner Pro 7 both faster and easier to use.

Scanner Pro 7.0 is available now on the App Store, for the discounted price of $3.99 for a limited time.

$3.99 (limited time) – Download Now

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