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has introduced , an way for you to find coverage on specific . are the home for topic and theme-based , bringing together the best stories on specific . Whether you want to keep up on the Oscars, or Apple’s battle with the FBI, you can now do so with ease.

From Medium:

Our new home experience is powered by a feature called . The top list of sections on our home screen will be a mix of popular verticals (like Politics or Culture) and more specific, timely events (think the Oscars or Apple vs. the FBI). You’ll be able to find new in these sections every day, curated by Medium and a handful of trusted testers—for now. If you’re interested, you can also read about our curation principles. are homes for topic or theme-based from Medium and beyond that will allow users to bring together Medium stories, people, and publications to follow, as well ideas from the rest of the web.

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