AirParrot Remote for iPhone and iPad puts you control over your Mac's media

Squirrels, the developer behind Mac utilities Reflector and , has released for and . for Mac allows you to wirelessly send from your Mac to other devices, much like AirPlay, and now allows you to control the Mac app, including what media you send, and where you send it. Not only can you send music and videos to other devices, you can use Remote to mirror your Mac’s display right on your or .

Here is what you can do with AirParrot Remote:

Build Playlists: Find media files on your computer and add them to a playlist for continuous streaming. Control Your Computer: Once paired, AirParrot Remote can control the keyboard and mouse on your system. Control AirParrot 2: AirParrot Remote was designed to allow you to use AirParrot 2 without touching your computer. Initiate connections, select new destinations, mirror your display, extend your desktop and more. Preview Screens: View your selected display before you begin mirroring to make sure the you’ve selected is what you want sent to your destination. Secure Pairing: Pairing AirParrot Remote to AirParrot 2 is easy and secure. The apps are paired directly together with no in-between connections. Use a Quick Connect Code (TM) or automatic discovery over a network to begin.

AirParrot Remote requires AirParrot 2 in order to work. You can grab AirParrot Remote from the App Store now.

$6.99 – Download Now

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