First DLC pack for StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops coming on March 29

Blizzard ended the main story in 2015, but the company isn’t done yet with their hugely popular sci-fi RTS game series. The first of three planned packs for : Nova Covert Ops will be released on March 29.

Each of the three packs for Nova Covert Ops will consist of three single-player episodes, with the focus on November “Nova” Terra, a member of the Terran Ghost program. Blizzard says:

The reign of Emperor Valerian Mengsk is under threat. Along with facing political opposition, several Dominion ghosts have gone missing in action while under his rule. Their trail leads to a secretive Terran group, the Defenders of Man. As Nova Terra, a psionic ghost trained to be the perfect covert operative, you must delve into the conspiracy before it’s too late for the Terran Dominion.

The other two DLC packs will be released before the end of 2016. Gamers can pre-order all three packs for just $14.99. While II: Nova Covert Ops is technically a standalone release, it does require the free II Starter Edition to play, along with a account.

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