Star Wars: Card Trader celebrates its first anniversary with new twists on classic cards

Topps is celebrating the one-year anniversary of their : game with “National Day” on Saturday, March 12. As part of the celebration, Topps is is introducing new Revisited sets, which puts characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens in classic card designs from the app’s first year.


Revisited cards are available through the Revisited store, and come in Blue, Green, Black, Gold, and Die-Cut variants, each with differing levels of rarity. There are also a total of eight Revisited packs in the store, and the Blue, Green, Black, and Die-cut cards will only be available available until March 14. New and current fans of Card will be able to log into the app on March 12 and claim a free card.

If you want to participate in “National Star Wars Day,” just open up the Star Wars: Card Trader app and head over to the Revisited store to get started. You’ll find Star Wars: Card Trader on the App Store now.

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