Splash lets you watch and create 360-degree videos on your iPhone

is a new app that immerses you in the world of 360-degree video. You can these videos, created by the community. The app supports Google Cardboard VR headsets, giving you multiple viewing options. You can also your own 360-degree videos, and upload them directly to Facebook, or share elsewhere as a link.

You can sign up for Splash either with your Facebook account or an email address. Here’s what you can expect from the app:

Capture a 360° panorama of videos and sound Use touch to control the video Stereoscopic mode for Google Cardboard and other tray-based headsets with intuitive feed Read more about every 360° video captured by the Splash community (description, when it was captured) Like in 3D: You can tap double anywhere to express your like for an area in the Splash See a gallery of the 360° videos you captured yourself Share any Splash 360° video to Facebook and let your friends experience it in the 360°-enabled player on Facebook

You can get started with 360-degree video in Splash now.

Free – Download Now

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