News Republic makes worldwide news more social in the latest app update

, one of the largest providers in the world, has updated its iOS and Android apps with some exciting new features. Version 6 brings to the table the same access many have come to know and love, but now users of the platform have access to publications from 53 countries in a staggering 37 languages.

More than 50,000 stories are published, 40,000 photos shared and 1,500 videos curated every day from licensed partners. But there’s certainly more to the news than the story itself and now News is more socially savvy than ever before. Not only will the apps now recommend tailored to your interests, but you’ll also be able to see what those around you are recommending, commenting on and reacting to.

“News Republic now also connects its readers with Expert super-users on the topics they care about. Rather than just have the media dictate the topics of the day, the community of readers decides what’s important to them, amplifying both the relevance and discoverability of news .”

While using the app, News Republic will also be remaining in the loop of what readers care about through the use of pulse polls. These short surveys will be published covering a manner of topics that can gauge just how the community feels about that particular subject. It’s a neat app that certainly warrants a download to try it out, and this update improves not only the user experience but also the way in which one can connect with each story.

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