Free App of the Week: Secure your passwords, documents and more with oneSafe

OneSafe, a solid password manager that can help you keep track of your sensitive information in a secure way, is this ’s of the on the Store.

With oneSafe, you can secure your logins, , payment information and much more in one place behind a wall of security. Your information is protected by AES-256 encryption and is only able to be accessed through either a password you set up or TouchID. Here’s a rundown of just some of the features you can expect from oneSafe:

New sync engine including CloudKit to synchronize your categories Integration with Withings watch, securing oneSafe based on the watch’s distance from your iPhone or iPad. Create, browse and edit your items super easily. Adapt your safe with customizable categories to keep all your information well organized. Use ready-made templates to quickly and easily enter your data. Take advantage of the ultra-secure built-in browser with auto-fill feature to access websites quickly and securely. Back up your data (via email, iTunes or Wi-Fi) to be sure you’ll always have a copy in storage. Copy and paste complex usernames and passwords. Change the texture, icon and color for any of your items. Flag items as ‘Favorites’ for quick access to your most commonly used information. Use the ‘Search’ feature to find items quickly within your database. Sync the contents of your safe between your devices using iCloud and/or Dropbox. Use the bullet-proof “Secure sharing” feature to share your confidential data with your family, friends or colleagues.

OneSafe will be on the Store through March 17, so be sure to hit up the Store link below if you’re interested in giving the a shot.

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