content=”What's new on the App Store: Glow Baby, The Walking Dead, and artistic games

Each week, the app Store highlights some of the best new and updated apps. This week, check out Glow Baby, The Walking Dead: Michonne, and artistic games.

This week in new apps starts with Glow Baby, an app for tracking feeding, sleep, diaper changes, and more for your newborn. Tinybop has released a new weather app, called Weather, that utilizes artistic 3D visualizations. Scalitzer helps you easily balance and keep track of shared . , is a new app that interesting filters on your ..

Glow Baby – Free – Download NowWeather by Tinybop – $2.99 – Download NowScalitzer – Free – Download NowInfuse – Free – Download Now

Games this week are lead by The Walking Dead: Michonne, the latest in Telltale’s series of adventure games based on the comic. Ubisoft has released its latest mobile action game, Assassin’s Creed Identity for iPhone and iPad. Explore new planets and encounter alien races in the new platformer Love You To Bits. , go on a new adventure with the Planet Express in the new match-four game Futurama: game of Drones.

The Walking Dead: Michonne – $4.99 – Download NowAssassin’s Creed Identity – $4.99 – Download NowLove You To Bits – $3.99 – Download NowFuturama: game of Drones – Free – Download Now

The app Store’s latest collection shows some of the best cases for considering video games an art form. You’ll find games with fantastic visuals like Lumino City and Monument Valley. Or listen to the stunning soundtracks Sword and Sworcery and Transistor. The collection also highlights games great performances like Her Story, or engrossing stories, like DEVICE 6.

Lumino City – $4.99 – Download NowMonument Valley – $3.99 – Download NowSuperbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP – $4.99 – Download NowTransistor – $9.99 – Download NowHer Story – $4.99 – Download NowDEVICE 6 – $3.99 – Download Now

Check back next week for more new apps and games from the app Store, and remember to check out this week’s Free app of the Week.

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