Children keen to hand tour in Southeast Asia, Europe and the preference for social

British children SuperAwesome word advertising platform for Southeast Asia, Europe and America children use mobile phones to conduct a survey. According to the survey of children in Southeast Asian countries (6-14 years old) on board the mobile devices can use the mobile phone frequencies higher than children of European and American countries. They prefer the highest mobile gaming, frequency of use in the top ten apps, hand travel up to eight!


It reported that Asian children, mobile devices have become a major tool for consumer media. 87% of children in Southeast Asia to use smart phones, 50% have their own smart phones. Smartphone usage is rapidly catching up to watch TV, and play mobile games is one of Southeast Asia’s most popular children’s free time activities in the third largest, only slightly behind to watch TV. In Southeast Asia, often children watch television, a quarter of children will watch TV while using the smartphone. About 70% of children in Southeast Asia will play mobile games in my free time, and in the United States, within the same age group, less than 30 percent of American children have a smart phone, but 47% of American children in this age group have a Tablet PC. The proportion of children use the free time to play mobile games only 56%, compared to American children seem to prefer social networking applications.

SuperAwesome of 1800 conducted a survey of children in Southeast Asia, and summed up these conclusions.

Your child is one in which it?

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