The two children’s hand travel company fined $ 360,000: invasion of privacy

Recently, FTC announced two travel companies hand out $ 360,000 in civil damages ticket, because the two companies allows advertisers to collect personal information from children in violation of data Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, referred to as COPPA.

FTC move is quite remarkable, especially for mobile games developers alike, because this $ 360,000 in fines enough for most people to comply with COPPA regulations in doing the game, if your game also allows advertisers collect personal information from children under the age of 13 or have done so, now is the time to stop.


Someone developers are LAI Systems and Retro Dreamer, according to FTC said it was the latest version COPPA bill after first making punishment for illegal execution allows advertisers to gather information about children’s privacy. Children hand travel research and development and application of LAI Systems (My Cake Shop, Mareley the Talking Dog) allows third-party advertisers through neither player did not allow advertisers to allow the case that children’s game of leaked personal privacy of children. Retro Dreamer company’s “Happy Poo Jump” it is because the development of the game for children and let advertisers who were accused of collecting personal information, during an advertising partner also warned that the company violated the COPPA laws.

It is understood, Retro Dreamer will face civil fines of $ 300,000, while LAI Systems need to pay $ 60,000, the two companies have been barred from further violations of the COPPA act.

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