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Children embark on a more mature level of life through games and educational activities. Game with the energy, that is, its development due to the effect of the inherent internal child development and has the potential physical and psychological therapy is enormous.

Children through play activities in the real and imagined space exchanges, to experience a variety of fresh feel, learn all kinds of new knowledge, build self physical and mental development “milestone” famous child psychologist Bela game is divided into four class:
First, the performance of the game. Focus on the development of children’s bodily functions. Including hand, foot movement, such as dancing, hide and seek, skipping, etc., of mouth movement, such as singing songs, telling stories, etc.
Second, the experience of the game. In the form of virtual reality can not be achieved in the matter, generally through imagination of children, to carry out the operation. Such as playing dolls, play house.
Third, the acquired game. Is an artistic game, children can develop artistic abilities, such as listening to stories, reading books, watching movies, acting.
Fourth, creative play. Under the guidance of adults, conducted by the children create their own hands. Such as crafts, paper-cut, puzzles, building blocks.

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